The Car
Subaru-LegacyAnybody who is ANYBODY these days are shunning the sedan and mid-class car sector for the bigger and more sporty looking SUV or Crossover, but the Subaru Liberty is a pretty decent Subaru that might be changing the market back. It’s a pretty stylish sedan with its smart grille and sleek lines and it comes with a decent standard equipment set, full of technology and more than enough space for a growing family. Its engine uses a multi-point injection system and gives you pretty decent torque and power at 191kW at 6000rpm and 350Nm at 4400rpm. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the engine growl that comes with too.

Besides the flat-6 engine, the latest Liberty model also comes with an improved ride quality and NVH levels. You’ll also get Vision Assist added into the Subary EyeSight safety system which already gives you blind-spot and lane guidance assistance, as well as auto-dimming rear view mirror and high beam lights and adaptive cruise control too amongst a lot of other safety tech. The car definitely scores the full 5 stars on the ANCAP safety rating scale.

The Drive
We found the ride on the Liberty decent enough. With the paddle shifters mounted on your steering wheel, you’re able to gain greater control of your gear transitions and it makes for an engaging experience. At the same time, steering is well-balanced, with the car responding well to input and we especially like that the car remained stable across different terrain without too much roll or feedback over curves and bumps.

You’ll get a lot of traction from the tyres with little to no noise when you’re on the road though. Wind noise is also nearly negligible. Parking and turning tight corners are also well under control with a turning circle at 11.2m and coupled with the parking sensors, you won’t have much to complain about either. Unfortunately, at slower speeds, the car seems to seize a bit, and changing to reverse or braking tends to cause lurches in the transmission and that’s not a very fun experience at all.

The Interior
The Liberty gives you quite a number of adjustment options for your steering column and front seats. The latter of which gives you a good amount of support and cushioining. You’ll also be happy about the great view you’ll get from the driver’s seat too. There are quite a number of buttons and controls that may confuse you when you first start driving the Liberty around, but after a while, you’ll realise that it helps with pulling out the options and features of the car you need that much faster.

Marketed as a family vehicle, the Liberty was made to be more roomy and passengers won’t complain about the amount of space they’ll get either – head, leg and knee room are adequate enough, even for the people at the back unless they are exceptionally tall or wide. Boot-wise, the Spare tyre under the boot floor is a good fail safe for you and doesn’t compromise the capacity by too much and you’ll get 493 litres which is a pretty decent amount of space.

The Liberty seems to be a pretty good all-rounder if you’re looking for a family-friendly vehicle but don’t quite need SUV capabilities – for a quiet and well-controlled ride, you won’t have to compromise on space for your family. If you’re thinking about looking deeper into the Liberty as an option for you and your family, request a car finance quote to find out more about the car financing options.