The Car
subaru-outbackThe Subaru Outback joins the large crossover SUV segment, but in reality, we found it more like a giant station wagon rather than a big SUV since it drives a bit more like a car, but with a little bit of a booster shot, and that’s not a bad thing!
The latest iteration of the outback gives the automatic models the Subaru Eyesight driver assistance system as well as adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, pre-collision braking assist, pre-collision steering assist, lane departure warning and lead vehicle start alert to easily bag 5 stars on the ANCAP rating.

The all-wheel drive is actually one of the best amongst manufacturers too and at 213mm of ground clearance, it may not be too rough and tumble, but it will get you out of a tight spot. There is a fair amount of other equipment too like the touch screen infotainment system, USB ports and 12-volt sockets, Pandora and MirrorLink, sat nav and voice recognition systems.

The Drive
The Outback’s base level model was quite nice to get out into the outback with. Terrain and hills were easy enough to clear, bad surfaces and different ground consistencies – gravel, sand, etc, were not too bumpy and uncomfortable to go over. But the car does lack torque and we found that we were pretty much flooring it to get what we wanted.

In the city it’s pretty easy to drive around too, it’s comfortable enough and its specs give it a sense of comfort and confidence around corners and traffic in comparison to its other competitors. The lack of torque in the outback isn’t much an issue here and the Outback does well enough here as it does outdoors.

The Interior
There is so much space in the Outback – you could easily put 2 child seats in the back and still fit an adult in between. Subaru has definitely taken the pains to make sure that they mean business when they market the car as a 5-seater alright! And you’ll have lots of luggage capacity at 512 litres in the back without even folding down the seats. When you do that, you’ll have an immense 1801 litres that we don’t know what you’ll do with.

Subaru isn’t really well known for luxurious interiors though and the materials used in there are only mid range. The seats are upohlstered in leather with soft-touch plastics throughout and at the very least, the latest models of the Outback are a bit more upscale that the previous models, albeit just as utilitarian.

We like the Outback a lot for its practicality and general appeal to the growing family. There’s so much space, you’ll never have to worry about what the kids are going to get up to, or if you love the great outdoors yourself. It’s an amazingly safe car too and comfortable for 5, just as it’s supposed to be – what more could you ask for? Perhaps it’s time to start looking at car finance rates if you’re thinking of trying the Outback out!