The Car
Suzuki-APVThe Suzuki APV is a very no-nonsense vehicle – there are simply no real frills about it since the vehicle is intended to be a workhorse. As a company cargo hauler, you really don’t need much more than good old strength and reliability, and that is exactly the premise for the APV here. Tall and narrow with huge windows for visibility, the car was structured to be maneuverable through all the tight city alleys and troublesome parking lots, it would be perfect as a delivery van for your company.

You’ll still get a Clarion audio interface with USB/Aux input and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as air conditioning and central locking. You’ll also get driver and passenger airbags, and ABS but no electronic stability control which gets the APV 3 stars on the ANCAP safety rating.

The Drive
The APV is a rear wheel drive van with a front suspension layout, which unfortunately has a rigid axel and leaf springs. That means that you’ll have to weather some real bouncing at the back, unless of course you’re fully loaded up to weigh the back end down. The 1.6 litre petrol engine might not look like much, but it’ll get you the traction you need at the lower speeds you’ll be at in town. Try not to floor your accelerator too much though, engine noise and vibrations start kicking in once you start hitting the 80km/h mark.

But you will get a fantastic view from your large side mirrors which are also sadly manually adjustable. In addition to your high driving position and the big windows, the APV is a breeze to park and turn in and out of the winding roads in the city as long as you do your best to keep out of the way of bumps and potholes. The gearbox has a light clutch and gearing transitions are smooth enough and steering gives you great feedback, which is really all you need in a commercial vehicle.

The Interior
The Suzuki APV’s loading capacity is one of the tallest and longest for cars in this segment and again because we all know why someone would buy this vehicle, it’ll be quite upsetting to know that it isn’t that easy to access this cavernous space – you’ll need to do a bit of twisting and turning to get things in due to the top-hinged tailgate and hinged side-doors. You may want to opt for some of the add-ons for this area too because of the lack of tie-down points; the protective barrier is a good choice. Other than that, be aware there is little real estate by the ways of cabin storage. Besides your glovebox and a small space in front of your gearstick, the centre console, cubbies and cupholders are all missing.

Again, the materials used to furnish the interior here are pretty basic – with PVC and vinyl, you definitely won’t feel like a million dollars, but the materials are tough and durable for whatever items you may be throwing into the van so that’s a plus. The seats are non height-adjustable and are not quite supportive and there is a lack of automation for some of the more basic controls that are available in other models.

The APV is definitely a no frills vehicle, but it gets the job done for you. It can be thirsty when you push for more power (which we are certain you’ll do). If you intend to drive on highways and long distance more, best to look for an alternative car, but if you do lots of work around the city then this could be the perfect commercial vehicle for your company. And if so, find out more about your car financing rates from us at your soonest convenience.