The Car
Suzuki-SwiftThe Suzuki Swift is another car that would appeal to first time car buyers. It looks pretty good and drives well enough, AND its price is easy on the wallet too! As a small hatchback, there are 3 and 5 door versions and there is even a 4 wheel drive option, but we doubt you’ll be able to do much on the small 1.2 litre petrol engine.

The base level model – SZ2 will come with daytime running lights, ISOFIX child-seat mounts and central locking, fuel consumption display, split-folding rear seats, electric mirrors and electric front windows and the 5-door version will even get electric rear windows too. You’ll want air-conditioning and some connectivity though, so we would go up a grade to the SZ3 and get some alloy rims too. The Swift’s 7 airbags and electronic stability control gets it the full 5 stars on the ANCAP rating.

The Drive
The Swift is considerable tall, but steering and handling are good enough to keep it from leaning too much. The size is a real boon when you’re driving around town too, since it is light and quick around corners so that you can tackle tighter spots in the alleyways of the city or the carpark lot.

The whole feel of the Swift is quite zippy and you’ll enjoy bringing it out for a nice long ride if you wanted to hit the highways and the engine and gear changes are well synced to give you a very nice harmony in your drive. Bumps and vibrations are felt quite a bit though and there is a bit wind noise too, but not as much that you couldn’t ignore once you’ve got the car opened up.

The Interior
The Suzuki Swift is unfortunately not the best when it comes to the quality of the materials inside the cabin, but honestly at the price you’re paying for it, you can understand why. The seats a comfortable and supportive when you’re driving around and cornering though and there’s enough room in the front for the driver and front passenger. You won’t really be able to fit quite 3 adults in the back since the headroom is lacking and the shortage legroom might cause a few fights. If you stick to just 2 people, one of each side, the space is marginally more better managed.

Interior storage is plentiful though and since there are ISOFIX child-seat mounts, it’s clear that the car was made to appeal to new families if you opt for the 5-door version. Boot space is very minimal at 211 litres though, and the rear seats don’t fold all the way down either so you’ll probably need to upgrade the car at the soonest if you really have to start utilising those child-seat mounts so that you can pack in all those extra baby items!

The Swift comes pretty well kitted out and it gives you a ride that’s actually a lot better than you’d expect for the price that you’re paying. It’s easy to handle and steering is well enough for what you need so as long as you don’t have a sudden need to go to IKEA or carry around big amounts of cargo, you should be very happy with this little number! You can speak to our car finance consultants to find out more about the rates that are available for this car model today!