The Car
Toyota-CamryThe Toyota Camry is like your go-to car when you need something safe and reliable, but with the new models overshadowing the Camry with flashy looks and better equipment, Toyota is desperate doing something about its image and doing something to up its ante to something more than a good reputation with the Atara SX. The 2015 will also be the last Camry to be built Down Under.

With this facelift, the camry gets a new front bumper and grille, more lines down the side and low-profile headlamps with standard LED daytime running lights. A 6.1-inch touchscreen, and a whole host of technology are installed too along with bigger wheels, parking sensors and an electric driver’s seat on the Atara and Atara SX. The car also easily gets five-stars on the ANCAP safety rating due to seven airbags, a reversing camera, vehicle stability and traction control, and anti-skid brakes with brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution.

The Drive
We won’t really talk about the entry level Altise because it’s actually a pretty dull, dependable and old model. The car itself is actually really comfortable in most environments – freeways and city streets and as long as you keep to the car’s limits, you’ll be pleasantly comfortable, the experience will be pretty much quiet, with mid-range satisfying handling and steering.

The Atara SX though, is exciting for us on its 18-inch wheels and an upgraded suspension as well as a quicker steering-rack ratio too. The steering gives us a lot of confidence and is pretty responsive and driving this trim level really gives us hope for what Toyota can do with its range of sedans.

The Interior
Again, the interior of the Camry isn’t going to stray very far away from the typical look its always had and that means some rather dated neon-green backlighting that comes with pretty straightforward instrument displays. Driving positions are pretty average, and buttons and dials are set where they need to be in a pretty intuitive layout. Perks were vents for the back seat passengers as well as the good amount of storage cubbies available in the cabin.

Seats are comfortable and it’s easy to get into a comfortable position thanks to the power adjustments. There is also a fair amount of space in the boot – 515 litres and for the people sitting at the back. All pretty much expected from a car that has been around for a pretty long time and still manages to rake in its fair share of sales figures.

A Camry is a safe choice for safety, comfort and a decent driving experience given its track record over the years and the latest models look a little bit better outside, even if the inside still needs a little bit more updating to do. You can always opt for higher trim levels for a more “fierce” effect, but be sure to compare car finance offers first before you sign!