The Car
Toyota-CorollaWhen you think of a reliable car that has stood the test of time, there’s nothing but the Toyota Corolla in mind. The Corolla is into its 11th generation and is reaching its 0th year of production and somehow, it manages to maintain its sales numbers as people are looking at it as the go-to “safe choice” when it comes to a good all rounded family saloon.

The latest model of the Corolla tries its best to up its street cred though and Toyota has put in effort to build it with a more solid and up-market feel and you’ll see that in its interior. But in general, their track record speaks for itself and there’s not much of a need to change a formula that has worked for so long.

That said, you’ll get pretty efficient running costs and fuel economy coupled with the impeccable service standard and reliable dealer network across the country as well as a strong resale value too. Coupled with the full 5-stars on the ANCAP safety rating, it’s as basic as any other car you’re going to get out there.

The Drive
The Corolla gets a new electric-assist power steering and better suspension so that the car feels a little better when you’re travelling out on the road. Unfortunately, we found that the drive itself wasn’t quite so much exciting; the handling and stability leave you wanting a little and the engine just isn’t punchy enough to generate much of a thrill.

The car also struggles a bit when you corner hard or too fast and the rear feels a little waggle when you go over the bumps. Stability and traction control helps to ease it out a little, but the car loses a bit of speed in the process.

The Interior
With the improvements in the interior, the Corolla is still decidedly mid-range. You will get a leather-wrapped steering wheel with shift paddles as well as fabric-trimmed seats. There is a 7.0-inch touch screen at the centre stack along with a 4.2-inch colour screen that provide you driving statistics that could pass off as a good attempt to give you more technology and connectivity.

The new version also gives a bit more space to passengers in the back. You’ll also get a decent amount of luggage space in the boot too. The windows are a bit on the small side and can make the rear feel smaller than it is. We’d recommend the sunroof to take care of that problem and help you to open up the space a bit more.

The Corolla is a constant in the car trade industry and it’s decent enough on all levels. It’s just not outstanding and it might feel like a typical run of the mill appliance than a performance vehicle. The car retains its value well though, so you might want to lend a thought to that when you’re considering guaranteed car financing.