The Car
2015 Toyota HiLux 4x4 SR5 double cab The Toyota Hilux is definitely a rugged vehicle meant to give you the outdoorsy power and muscle that you need and that said, the Hilux is classed as such a utility vehicle and you’ll be barking up the wrong tree if you expected it to be quiet and luxurious to boot. As a big vehicle, you’re going to have to compromise on visibility and comfort too but if you need something to work in and with, then let’s continue with the review, shall we?

The Hilux comes on 18-inch alloy wheels, with a full-size spare tyre, auto-levelling LED headlights, foglights, stainless steel sports bar, smart entry and starting, single-zone climate-control, as well as sat nav, digital radio, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Hilux is rated with 5 ANCAP safety stars for its seven airbags, reversing camera, stability and traction control, trailer sway control and anti-lock brakes.

The Drive
Once you start up, you’ll realise that the Hilux isn’t really a quiet vehicle. If you like your windows down, be prepared that your engine is the only thing you’ll be hearing for a while, especially if you’ve opted for the turbo-diesel engine. The newer models improve on all that clattering, but you’ll still hear it when you’re on the highway.

You’ll get plenty of utility from that engine, especially with the available sports mode and a host of other options that will give you plenty of control in any situation. You’ll be able to combine your rear wheel drive with high and low 4×4 capabilities as well as lockable rear diff, downhill assist and stability control variants to get the Hilux into the best state for whatever is coming your way. Add that to a fantastic steering directness and stability on the road, even with your additional weight in the back, and you should be able to tackle pretty much anything both on and off-road.

The Interior
The latest model for the Hilux tries to get the interior of the truck looking a little better, but we think it’s still a work in progress. Things look a little messy and the dashboard doesn’t quite look well put together. The materials are all still hard plastic and the dials and controls seem dated especially with blue back lights. The steering wheel adjusts now, but is rather limited in flexibility.

The seats are near upright and more narrow now, but that means more room for feet for the rear passengers. There are also lots of storage options now, including coat hooks and arm rests. At the same time, there is a cool box above the glove compartment in case you need to keep a cool drink in the car while you work.

The Hilux is a good working companion, albeit a bit noisy. But it’s definitely utilitarian with lots of cubbies and fantastic capability on the road. We can explore more about how the Hilux can fit into your budget when we explore car finance rates together, so why not get in touch with The Smarter Finance Company today?