The Car
Volkswagen-CaddyThe Volkswagen Caddy is one of the more popular van models in a segment with very few competitors. That said, it’s important to keep improving so that it can keep staying ahead of the competition, and that means trying to add a different level of driveability and comfort to the models. Besides a new 1.4 litre TSI turbo engine, the 2016 range offers a huge range of options to best suit your business needs – from a cargo van to a crew van seating up to 7 people.

The Caddy also offers a large number of safety features and driver’s aids like a full set of airbags, including for the second seat passengers if you’ve opted for extra seats, the Driver’s Assistance Package includes autonomous emergency breaking, and fatigue detection and the reversing camera and 360 degree optical parking systems are also an option to make it a lot easier to handle the van in the carpark too.

The Drive
You’ll be surprised that the Caddy doesn’t feel bogged down at all and the drive is almost comparable to the Gold. The 92TSI engine gives you a good amount of torque, even when the back is carrying a heavy and it really helps when you need to run around the city. Its steering is complements the handling and the small turning radius is a definite boon when you need to make tight turns into alley ways to make pick-ups or drop offs, but you’ll suffer without the reversing sensors and camera.

You’ll have to deal with a bit of feedback from the back cabin and the road noise, but you’ll be glad that the Caddy doesn’t bump around too much when it takes humps and uneven road surfaces. The brakes are responsive enough too and that’s good enough for the commercial work that you’re doing.

The Interior
It’s inevitable that a car meant for commercial purposes would end up with less than stellar interiors, and the Caddy is really no exception. After all, the van’s use is a practical one, so there are hardy and rugged materials in the place of where you would see leather and comfort in a passenger vehicle. As long as you don’t expect to be wowed by the plastic, you’ll be happy by the multi-function steering wheel, 5 inch touch-screen and other life’s little necessities that are included thoughtfully here.

The loading area is accessed from the left with 2 split rear wing doors. The capacity of the Caddy gots up to 3,200 litres in the SWB version and 4,200 litres in the maxi with generous height and length allowances for all sorts of things to go in and if you opted for second row seats, those will fold 60:40 to give you better flexibility for the longer items. There are also lots of cubbies and storage pockets scattered in the car including door pockets that can hold 1 litre water bottles.

The Caddy is a no fuss vehicle but we love that there are upmarket options if you are willing to spend the money on the company vehicle. The numerous options are sure to give you what you need for your business operations and if you’d like to explore what the car finance deals look like, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us soon!