volkswagen-transporterThe Car
The Volkswagen Transporter is one of the top picks for a business as a good work horse. In general what we’ve found out about the van is that the consensus is that it’s comfortable, with a great performance and economy and it comes with plenty of configurations to suit any company’s requirements. This includes two wheelbases and 7general body-styles as well as multivan options that will seat up to 9 passengers. There is also the tray option that provides you with such a huge capacity that you’d be hard pressed to pick a Ute over this option.

The regular Transporter comes with 2 front seats with an option for a 3-person bench, and the crew van comes with a folding 2nd row. The van also comes with dual front airbags, anti-lock braking, seatbelt pre-tensioners, front seat electronic brake force distribution, electronic stability, hill holder, traction control and even an adjustable steering wheel for tilt and telescopy as well as power steering.
The Transporter has not been ranked on the ANCAP rating scale.

The Drive
When you use the transporter for your daily work grind, you’ll actually be surprised at how much power you’ll get. And it’s pretty speedy too since it goes from 0 to 100 in about 12.3 seconds, which is impressive for a car in this segment. Traction control kicks in very well for the car too so you don’t feel too overwhelmed by the torque of the engine.

Gear shifting was a little iffy at times, but braking with the pedal or letting the engine work is both responsive and gives you a sense of confidence that the car knows what it’s doing. The hill assist is a welcome tech in the car as well as it really helps you with any terrain in the hillier parts of town. When you pick up a little speed, the van can get a little loud in the cabin though.

At maximum load, the van is nicely balanced in terms of weight distribution versus the power. Bumps are taken under its stride and you’ll even feel that the Transporter might drive as close to a Ute as you can probably get. It’s not a FUN drive, but hey, you got quite a good set up here for a commercial vehicle.

The Interior
You can’t expect much from a work horse, but it’s nice to get a leather-trimmed steering wheel and a fair bit of tech and computer assistance via the buttons on the dash. The instruments and dials are easy enough to see, read, and reach and layout is decent. Vision is good and the seat is high. You can even see quite well behind through the side mirrors which are a generous size.

It’s easy enought o get into the Transporter with the grab handles and the seats are comfortable enough for passengers. The driver has enough steering and seating adjustments to be at ease while on long drives to customers or vendors.
Depending on the van build you choose, you can get anywhere between 5800 litres of storage to a whopping 9300 Litres.

At the price that you pay for the cars in this segment, the Transporter ranks well and proves why it will remain a top choice for commercial vehicles with its good handling and torque. Find out how much it will cost by exploring our car finance with The Smarter Car Finance Company today!