When you are considering a new car, there are a number of places that you can purchase one from – off an internet website, off your friends but most commonly, at the showroom of a dealership. But why DO people buy their new cars from dealerships? Here are some reasons why.

Level of Quality
Heading to a dealership means going to a reputable place that sells cars. Most dealers are restricted by a trade association who governs the sale and trade of motor vehicles and the dealerships will want to remain in that association as a mark of their quality so that they can continue their business. As such, they will ensure that they keep to the required levels of service and car qualities – including high levels of inspections to ensure their vehicle standards before selling them to their customers so that their reputations are upheld.

Get post-sales Assistance
Most dealers will want to ensure that their customers are well taken care of (again because of their reputation) and they will have the facilities for workshop and servicing vehicles which were bought from them. Because most brand new cars will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, it would make sense for them to provide the discounted or free services to ensure that these performance vehicles are properly taken care of long after the sales have been complete. Chances are that these dealership workshops will also have ready stock of the required parts for your car so that you can get it fixed much faster than compared to other workshops.

Catch a Good Deal
Dealerships are very likely to throw deals out throughout the year so you can really get an awesome price for your new car if you keep your eyes peeled! Especially at the end of the year around the holidays, there are always sales going on, and it’s no difference in the car industry too! Just be aware that only limited models may be available at these sales, so best be prepared that you might not get the car that you want at all of these special sales!

Get Everything in One Place
Most licensed motor dealerships will ensure that they are able to supply you with everything you need to drive away a brand new car away that very day that you visit the showroom! That means bundled packages including your insurance and car financing. As we mentioned, there’s also workshop and repair facilities, and some of the bigger dealerships will also have detailing and painting or protection care available for you too!

Wherever you may decide to purchase your new or used vehicle from, take the time to examine your car financing options before you commit to one! You have the option of looking for a professional consultant to help you examine the different figures which may possibly get you a even better deal than if you purchased everything directly from the dealership. Find out more with The Smarter Finance Company!