Your car was probably worth a lot of money when you first bought it, and although we are sure that you have many fond memories of it over the last few years, it’s time to get yourself a new ride! If you’re on your way to buying a new or used car to replace your current one, then you might want to read these next few tips to help you get the best deal for selling your current car!

1) How much is it worth? Of course you want bang for your buck, that’s why you need to find out just how much you can get for your old car. Lots of websites will offer you an up to date value for cars similar in make and model, or you can check out other car sales sites and used car lots for their last transacted prices. No harm asking around for a number of quotes too so that you have a good range to go on when you list your vehicle.

2) Is it the Right Time to Sell? If you live in a state that has seasons, then you have to monitor the month that you decide to sell your car. Open tops and convertibles are obviously not high in demand when it’s cold out but sales for vehicles with four wheel drive peak during this time because they are better for navigating over snow and sleet. Gas prices and other fluctuating variables that affect the maintenance and cost of the car can also affect the final price that you can command for your vehicle.

3) Does it look good? The better your car looks, the higher the chances that someone will want to take a second or third look at it or even bring it home! Clear the car out of your personal effects so that it looks clean and neat and perhaps get washed, shined and vacuumed. If you can afford to get the upholstery cleaned up or to air out the car from any funky smells, then get it done too! If the car looks as close to what it did the day you got it, people will pay premium for a car that looks and feels just like new!

4) Can you Negotiate? Never be afraid to throw out the stops for your car. If you think that someone is trying to low ball you on your car, put your foot down. After finding out how much your car is worth, throw a reasonable high end price on your advertisements and keep in mind what your minimum take away is. Let people know the features you’ve spent on and the maintenance you’ve done on your car and see how the potential buyers take it. You will eventually find the right buyer for your vehicle!

Because you need to sell your car, you’re at a disadvantage going into negotiations. With a little bit of homework, you can get a better outcome as long as you keep realistic expectations. If the amount you get still falls short of what you need for that spanking new ride, you can still come to The Smarter Finance Company for help with getting a great car financing rate that will match what you and your wallet can afford.