The Smarter Finance Company is all about helping our customers to drive home the car of their dreams in an affordable and cost-effective manner. So when you are looking for a new or used vehicle, you should read up on some of these tips so that you can ensure that you get bang for your buck!

Look at Referrals – Just before you decide on your car, check out what others have to say about it! Unless the car is a new release, there are sure to be some customer comments or even professional reviews of how the car handles and feels and that might help you to reaffirm or reconsider your decision. You might want to see if there is any information about the dealership you are buying from to just in case you have to come back to them, you’d want them to be reliable and have a good track record of customers service.

Check the Car – Before you drive your car home, make sure that you’ve looked over all the details just one more time. Ensure that the car’s registration details tally on paper as on the actual car because who knows whether the car may be swapped on you on the last minute. Make sure that everything is running in good order and that the inspections have all been cleared. If you are buying over a used car, you should also double confirm that all previous obligations of the previous owner have been fully met before the transfers are made.

Review your Financing Plan – Make sure that you’re paying an amount that’s comfortable with you. Double check your commitment levels and do a rough plan of how much the car will cost you once you bring it home and start using it. This means maintenance fees, petrol costs, servicing and even changing tires once in a while. It helps to have a little extra money in the bank for times of emergencies too.

Be Certain! – If you have any doubt at all about the car that you’re about to purchase, it’s perfectly fine for you to take a step back and think about things again! Just ask yourself again whether you really like the design and make of the car, whether you are just getting a new car for the sake of getting one, or whether it’s a necessity. A car is a huge commitment, even more so if you have a car financing plan put up too which means that you’ll be held to a contract for payments for quite a while after you finalise the contract! It’s totally understandable if you need to really be certain before you finalise the details.

When it comes to buying a car, it can be quite a daunting and complicated procedure – we all want to make sure we get a good deal, and a good product! You can check with The Smarter Finance Company for more tips on how to ensure that you get the best car finance deals for your new or used vehicle and let us help you work out your figures! Call us!