An exciting process of buying a car is test driving it! It can be a very important step too as your experience may make or break your decision to purchase a car! But what exactly should you be doing when you schedule a test drive with your dealership? The Smarter Finance Company is more than just helping you with your car finances, so we list down some points to note so that you feel absolutely satisfied when you put pen to paper to bring your car home!

Things to look at
Engine – Besides listening out for engine noise when you are on the move, when you start up the car, keep your revving to a particular range – preferable between 2,000 to 3,000 rpm. Drive as you would normally to see how your car would respond to your normal actions on the road. At the same time, test the acceleration to see how quickly the car moves off from a stop so that you can see its pick up.

Steering – It’s important to see how your car handles – and that means how responsive the steering is. Especially around corners and turning at a speed. You should be able to control your car well at a high speed. Take note if the car pulls to one side on a straight road.

Gear changing – Whether you are looking at an automatic or manual transmission car, you should look at how changing from one gear to another feels like. The clutch should feel responsive and comfortable for you.
Brakes – Brakes make the difference between a car crashing into something or not, so test how sensitive and responsive the brakes are! Try it out for mild, medium and emergency levels of braking so that you can gauge how the brakes react to your foot command.

Seating Space – When you get into the car, you should feel comfortable because you may be spending a while driving. See how the height and distance from the steering wheel suits you, adjust accordingly and gauge again. This is a good time to ask friends along so that they can sit at the back and tell you what if there is space and leg room at the back too!

Boot Space – If you’re looking at car capacity, you may want to open the rear cabin and boot to see if there is enough space for what you might need to store. Golf bags or document boxes might not fit in all models, so be sure to check with the showroom employees what can or can’t go in!

Other quick tips include asking other people to join you for the test drive too so they can give you their opinions while you are there and you should also test other vehicles if they are available too to know how they compare just in case the one you had in mind doesn’t work out!

All in all, look out for what makes you feel uncomfortable and ask questions when you are unsure of anything. Whether you’ve been driving for long or this is your first car, it never hurts to ask all that you can so that you can be absolutely satisfied when you decide on it! Where possible, ask for your car financing specialists’ opinion, or even the staff at showrooms too – they’ll be able to help you get the information you need to finalise your choice!