If you’ve never bought a car before, it might seem a bit overwhelming to even start the search. Where to start and what do you look for? Well, The Smarter Finance Company would like to help you get a head start in your quest for a sparkly and shiny new (or used) car by sharing with you some quick tips on how to start your search and what to think about in the process. Take a look!

1. List your Criteria
When you’re ready to buy a car, you probably have an idea of what it will look like, how fast it will go, what colour it will be, and a whole other list of things that you wish it could do or how it will look. Write it all down! Some things to consider include size, engine power, handling and control, safety and reliability, comfort and of course, monetarily – the costs and financing installments and fuel efficiency too. Having all these preferences listed down will definitely help you to whittle down the options!

2. Prioritise your List
How important is each criteria to you? Would you value comfort over economy or do you absolutely need to have bucket seats and a turbo charged engine? Chances are that it will be quite hard to find a car that matches all of your rankings and criteria so think carefully about what you’d be willing to trade off so that you will be able to play around with the models that are actually available in the market.

3. Fix a budget
This is an important point! What vehicle you end up buying will depend on how much money you have in the bank! Finding out about car financing plans will help you to get a more realistic idea of how much you can really afford if you don’t have all the funds in your account at this time. When you fix a final number, stick with it – don’t give yourself the chance to overspend.

4. See what fits
Once you have your list of criteria drafted out and your budget set, you can start hunting for the car that fits what you’re looking for. Check car websites, classified ads, head down to dealerships and send out the word to family and friends that you’re on the look out! You never know when the right car at the right price will come along so keep your eyes peeled! You may also want to keep your shortlisted cars on reference so that you can compare your final choices and pick one from there.

Knowing what you want is just going to make the job that much simpler! But buying a car can still be tough work. What is probably more stressful, is getting financing put in place so that you can afford that car after you’ve decided on it. For car financing help, check with The Smarter Finance Company for some great deals and save when you settle on your dream ride.