On the road, cars going at high speeds are big death traps! You might be sitting on comfy, plush seats, but the truth is that you’re being encased in a metal chariot heading for disaster! The statistics don’t lie! But with all that doom and gloom around, the car has actually been designed to help you stay as safe as possible even though you are putting yourself in life-threatening situations by driving out onto the roads. Here’s how you can use your car to help you stay safe!

1) Check your Speedo
Your speedometer was installed in your car for a reason! Not only is it there to tell you how fast you are going, but to help you maintain a speed that is safe for your passengers too! There are laws to keep you in check but don’t forget that when you keep a look out, staying within the speed limit will not only keep you from a speeding ticket, but it will keep you safe too! Despite your love for a faster pace, or your rush towards an event or destination, remember that the faster that you go, the more disastrous the effects in the case of an accident!

2) Check your Blind Spots
There is a reason why your driving instructor marks you down when you don’t check your side view mirrors or miss your blind spots when you’re on the road. It’s because you just might miss out that car or motorbike cutting into your lane or that pedestrian getting ready to walk across the road. Keep your windows clear and free from obstructive decals or ornaments and double check your mirrors to make sure that they don’t make objects appear nearer or farther than they really are.

3) Use your Lights and Wipers Appropriately
Your headlights have a high beam setting for foggy conditions and your wipers have speed settings too. Your car should be fitted with mist dispersing lines so that in times of bad weather conditions, you are well equipped to make the best of your situation and see better and clearer. Besides using your car to keep your windshield clear and to help you assess your surroundings, if the weather is truly too difficult to navigate through, your safest option may just be to wait it out because a storm can cause roads to be slippery, not only making it difficult for you to drive but every other driver on the road too!

4) Wear your Seatbelt
Seatbelts drastically decrease the chance of you and your passengers suffering fatal injuries in the event of an accident so you should always buckle up! For seatbelts that do not have an automatic retraction feature (which is likely in the case for the passenger sitting in the centre of your back seat), ensure that the buckles are tightened. We don’t want people flying out through the windows or getting thrown around inside the car on impact! If you’re worried about your seatbelt trapping in your car, you can keep a handy seatbelt knife in your dashboard just in case!

Despite what we’ve said about the safety of being on the road, there are definitely benefits to owning a car like the ease and convenience of being able to travel on your own time and the comfort and satisfaction of your own means of transport. If you’d like to find out more about how to stay safe through car insurance or just explore the options for financing a new or used car, call The Smarter Finance Company today!