A BMW is Automotive Engineering Excellence

BMW is a German automotive, motorcycle and engine manufacturer that started in 1917 originally building aircraft engines. After moving into motorcycle production, they finally launched their first BMW Car – the Dixi. Now BMW is the #1 most reputable company in the world (Forbes.com) with close to 2 million cars, and 120,000 motorcycles sold worldwide every year.

Its 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Series, M and X ranges of cars are recognized by the kidney grills on the front of the bonnet and these vehicles are one of the highest ranked in overall style and sophistication.

BMW – 1 Series


The BMW 1 series is a zippy hatchback that packs a punch. With BMW’s ConnectedDrive you can share your drive while you’re on the move. The service is a concept that helps to couple information, entertainment and advice into your car’s system, so that you can use a variety of the features to find fuel price info, travel and hotel information and even share your drive in your network.

In addition, the ConnectedDrive system includes a driving assistant which will warn you when you leave your lane, provide approach control and also assistance while you are on the road as well as navigational assistance through its map and touch screen features.

Available in 1.6 and 2.0 l options, you also have TwinPower Turbo technology for instant responsiveness and better power delivery, even when you’re at low speed. The technology also helps the vehicle to manage its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to ensure that your BMW gives you the more driving pleasure, while being light on your wallet.

BMW – 3 Series


The 3 series is one of the most beloved series of vehicles from the BMW range. The Sedan, Touring and Gran Tursimo makes are all very popular in Australia. The long bonnet and short overhangs as well as the double kidney grilles on the front of the car are signature of the BMW look and the car couples functionality if every part of its make.

The new eDrive feature of the saloon hybrid is also quickly gaining popularity as it allows the driver to utilise both the electric drive modes to maximise fuel efficiency. Combined with BMW EfficientDynamics technology, and its powerful engine you can expect your 3 series vehicle to be a very economical car, while retaining its dynamics to give you a drive that you will enjoy.

The interior is also very luxurious, with so much control instilled in the driver’s seat – control of your seat position, temperature and the feel and fit of the car which can be controlled via a user control panel. All of your panels are finished with chrome and high glass black highlights.

BMW – 4 Series


The BMW 4 series is a very sexy line from BMW which includes the Coupe and Cabriolet makes of car. The car incorporates a near 50:50 weight distribution and is engineered with balance between the body and its engine to give you the performance that you are looking for in a sports model.

With swivelling and tilting xenon headlights, plush upholstery in Dakota leather, Servotronic transmission as well as front AND rear parking assistance provided in the standard equipment build, you really can’t ask for more when you start looking at BMWs for your ride of a lifetime.

Now included is also the BMW ConnectedDrive driver assistance system which will allow you to be more connected with your car. You can download an app to control your car from your phone and while you’re driving, the system provides you more protection so that you can enjoy better visibility, more safety and even help you get directions!

BMW – 5 Series


The 5 series of BMW’s line is meant to be a business class line, with just a little bit more of everything. Their engineers have tried to balance its efficiency with its dynamics to make the car that much more powerful while extremely conscious of its environment, and they’ve succeeded!

The 5 series also incorporates the ConnectedDrive services which provides the driver with information at his fingertips, entertainment streaming and other services like weather, news and search functions, amongst others that you might need while you’re on a drive. The ConnectedDrive Store allows you to combine any number of services and apps so that you truly personalise your own car.

Some of the more popular apps available include the Bluetooth Office so that you can get email, appointment, task and contact information on your display screen, and even read aloud over your car’s audio system, the Driving System Plus as well as the Heads Up Display and Night Vision apps help you get a safer and more focused drive by helping you to concentrate on the road ahead in all sorts of conditions too.

BMW – 6 Series

The BMW 6 series comprises of the Coupe, Gran Coupe and Convertible models and are the epitome of luxury, at least when it comes to a sports model of car. With 4 doors, it is one of the most spacious sports car models while still retaining its dynamics and sleek design. You can sit in the back cabin and totally forget that you were sitting in a sports car with the amount of space that you have back there!

Made to give the driver the ultimate in open-top experiences, the 6 series employs the BMW SunReflective Technology to stay cool so much so that you will barely feel the heat on the leather seats and steering wheel, even in direct sunlight. In addition, you have a comfort access system which allows you the ease of interacting with your car with your key token which operates on proximity.

And the exterior of the car is not compromised – the signature kidney grille, exterior mirrors, tailpipe finishing are plated in chrome and shaped perfectly to give you the smooth and elegant look they are known for.

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