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The Land Rover is a brand owned by Jaguar Land Rover – a British car manufacturer. It specializes in producing all-purpose, all-terrain vehicles. Some of the vehicles currently marketed now include the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evique, Discovery, New Discovery Sport, and the Defender.

Part of the whole Land Rover buying experience includes the Land Rover Experience Drives which give you an opportunity to find out what it’s like to drive one of these powerful vehicles in an off-road situation and assess different situations in the environment. These cars are so hardy that there have been models developed for the UK Military of Defense!


Land Rover-Discovery
The Land Rover Discovery model is about giving active people a tool for the road wherever they may want to take life to next. Just looking at some of its impressive figures will make you understand just how much this car can do! With a 3.0 litre TDV6 diesel engine, it gives you amazing fuel economy at 7.7 Litres per 100km, and 3,500 kg of towing power.

With the second and third row seats able to fold independently, you get close to 2,600 litres of luggage space. And the Discovery helps you to load your belongings too. With a split tailgate and adjustable electronic air suspension, you don’t have to worry about things being too difficult to put in since the lower section can be opened to a lower height for even the kids to help with piling things in.

And of course you’ll get an amazing driving experience with 310 of ground clearance. When you’re off road, the electric air suspension and manual lift function gifts you versatility over all sorts of terrain and an amazing all around visibility of your surroundings. You can’t ask for anymore from an all-purpose vehicle like the Discovery.


Land Rover-Evoque
If you thought Range Rovers were big and bulky, then you have got to see the new Evoque which is sleek, sexy and oh my goodness, you can make the top come down. This model has won awards for its design and if that isn’t enough, there are lots of options like adaptive full LED headlamps, textures, colour combinations and finishes that will allow you to personalise if even more to your liking. Did we mention that you can pick a 5-door or coupe with panoramic roof option if you didn’t want to be too exposed in your Evoque?

But of course, with a brand name like Range Rover slapped on the front of your hood, the Evoque does not compromise on power and mastery over the elements and you can truly go off-road with this vehicle too. With electronic stability and traction control systems, you’ll be able to choose the best Terrain Response system for whatever environment you’re in. The Hill Descent Control option will add to this vehicles capability to handle all sorts of situations.


Land Rover-Freelander
The Freelander is Land Rover’s very first compact SUV from the all-purpose vehicle manufacturer and it has been a popular model for the last 17 years ago and it remains as one of the most popular and hot-selling models due to its rigorous testing and 165-point inspection system. Backed with a 2 year warranty and its performance tested in all sorts of extreme conditions like 40 degrees below freezing and altitudes up to 14,000 feet, you can be sure that you’ll be getting all around capability from the Freelander!

In addition, the Freelander has all terrain expertise with its Terrain Response system in place so that it can travel on almost any surface, coupled with Hill Descent Controls, you don’t need to worry about steep hills or mountainous terrains. The Stop/Start system also allows the engine to reduce its fuel intake intelligently and reduce emissions as you drive too.

Range Rover

Land Rover-Range Rover
The Range Rover is the most well known model of the Land Rover range. It has 3 classic lines on its side panels which mark it out and it gives you an elegant and streamlined form when coupled with its tapered and curved silhouette. At the same time, the Range Rover is meant to be one of the more luxurious models in its line and hence the interior comes with a lot of beautifully wood veneer surfaces, leather upholstery and highly polished finishes.

But a truly defining feature of this car is actually the extended wheelbase which has been extended by 200mm to give you 186mm more space in the second row. Your passengers are definitely going to feel comfortable when they ride with you!

At the same time, the Range Rover comes with plenty of innovative new technology like the Terrain Response 2 system which monitors diving conditions and adapts the cars responses accordingly, an all-terrain progress control to help drivers keep stable in an off-road situation much like cruise control and many other assistive driving and monitoring systems too!


Land Rover-Defender
The Land Rover Defender is all about getting the job done when you are out in the open or even if you want to drive around the city. It is an iconic design recognized for playing its part in expeditions in the harshest conditions all over the world. With its 4 wheel drive and a well balanced centre differential, it provides excellent traction and control on all terrains and there is no doubt why it is the vehicle of choice.

The Defender comes with a 2.2 litre diesel engine that provides 360 Nm of torque with 90% of its peak power at the ready whenever you need it. That engine can help you pull a total of 3,500kg on tow. In addition to that power, the interior of the Defender is spacious and practical so that you can truly use your vehicle for the purpose it was built without worrying about mucking up the seats or floor.

Tyre and Rim insurance means taking care of your wheels and tyres in the case of damage when out on the road. With up to 3 years of protection on your tyres and rims, you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs and replacements if something happens while on the road.

Even though we cannot predict when something like glass or stones or potholes may spoil our wheels, we can control how we get them repaired and fixed when it happens.

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