As terrible as a car accident is, it does happen sometimes when you least expect it. But don’t be alarmed or worried. Followed this advice so that you can get the solution diffused and get help for the injured if necessary. Things will be sorted out before you know it!

What should I do?
STAY CALM. Check if anybody is injured and unless the accident is disastrous and passengers or driver need help, switch off the ignition and take things one step at a time. Have your hazard lights on and carefully step out of your car to speak with the other parties of the accident. It is required that you stop and if there are injuries or damages when the owner is not around, the police do need to be involved too. If your car is not safe to be driven away, you will need to call in roadside assistance to tow your car and get you back to somewhere convenient.

Notify Police if Necessary
Contacting the police is an important step. Not informing that might lead to worser implications than if you have to call them in. In situations when there is injury or a death, or if there is damage to either private or public property and if the owner of the car is not present, please make sure that the authorities are notified so that they can take stock of the situation and ensure that proper procedures are followed.

Get help
If someone IS injured, check to see if you can help get that person out of the way and to safety. Ensure that everyone is off the road and away from any oncoming traffic. Call your local emergency services and ask for an ambulance. Most importantly, tell them WHERE the accident has occurred and how many people are injured. You may want to consider calling your insurance company or agent to ask for further advice on what to do at this point so that you comply with the company rules for claims and claimants.

Exchange Details
How serious the accident is, whether you suffered the accident or caused it, you need to exchange details with the other parties in the accident. Information that needs to be gathered include names, addresses, identification and registration numbers as well as insurance company details. Your insurance company should be contacted with all this information so that they can do their investigations with the parties involved and determine who pays what to whom. Most importantly, do not admit liability or that could disqualify you from any insurance cover for that incident or worse, have legal implications in case other people want to take action against you.

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